Annual Competition Rules and How to Enter


Members may enter up to 3 PDIs and 3 Prints.

The theme for both PDIs & Prints is “Open”.

Each competition will be open to both Advanced and Intermediate - there will be no distinction between the two groups.

Images can be new (not previously entered in Club Competitions) or any image entered in this year’s competitions.

You may not submit images that have been entered into our club rounds prior to the 2017-18 season, but there is no restriction on when an image was taken.

The deadline for submitting electronic versions of your images (both for the PDI and Print competitions) will be Sunday 18th March.

The deadline for bringing in your prints will be the club meeting on 5th April.

Prints and PDIS must conform to normal competition rules.

There will be a panel of 3 judges scoring your images on an electronic scorepad. (There are a different set of judges each night). Each judge will score out of 10, so a maximum score would be 30.

In both sections of the competition the judges will be asked to select the top images by awarding a Gold, Silver and Bronze, plus some Highly Commended.

How to Enter

All the PDIs for both competitions must be submitted by Sunday 18th March. You can submit a maximum of 6 PDIs in total : 3 for the PDI competition and 3 for prints.

They need to conform to normal competition rules and will need to be resized to 1600px by 1200px (Both maximum).

We are limiting the total number of images for each night to around 80 images. This means that if the number of entries exceeds that not all images will go into the competition. We will therefore ask you to rank your images 1st, 2nd and 3rd preference. This will enable us to reduce the number of entries , by excluding all the images ranked 3rd preference, if necessary. For the print competition this means that we can advice you in good time whether or not to go to the trouble of printing all three of your images.

The images should be named in the following way “Print(or PDI)_Preference_Title_Name.jpg” for example Print_1st_Old Geezer_John Massey.jpg.

PDIs must be emailed to me Don’t use the competition uploader. MAC users should make sure that the images are attached as “original” size.

After the 18th March you will be told how many of your entries have been accepted. This will enable you to prepare your prints for the competition.

Print preparation and mounting will need to comply with normal club rules. Labels will be required. You can use and adapt the standard competition labels. They must be affixed to the rear of the mount in the top left hand corner.

The deadline for bringing in your Prints is the club meeting on 5th April.