Annual Competition Rules


  1. Members are invited to submit images for the Annual Competition by TBA.

  2. Full information on how to enter will be issued in due course.

  3. These competitions are single category. There is no distinction between Advanced and Intermediate.

  4. Members can enter up to 3 images in each competition, one of which must be new to club competition. The others can be selected from entries in this season's competitions.

  5. There will be a ceiling of approx 80 entries in each competition. The final number will depend on how many images are entered.

  6. Each entry must be prioritised (1/2/3) to enable lower priority images to be discounted if there are too many entries.

  7. All submitted prints must have a completed WEBCC Annual Competition label fixed to the rear, top, left hand side.

How the entries will be judged

  • The three judges will award a score in the range 1-10 for each image, giving  a range of scores for each image from 3 to 30

  • The Gold, Silver, Bronze and a number of Highly Commended awards will be selected.

  • Trophies, medals and Certificates of Merit to be presented at the AGM.