Annual Competition Rules


  1. Members are invited to submit images for the Annual Competition by 16thMarch 2017.

  2. Club members enter this competition in either the Advanced or Intermediate category.

  3. For Advanced category members the Annual Competition has 3 themes into which members’ images may be entered.

    • Open

    • Around Britain (Landscape, Architecture, Nature)

    • People

  4. Members must choose the most appropriate of the three themes for each of their image entries.

  5. For the Intermediate Category members there will be a single Open theme.

  6. Advanced category members may submit up to 12 images in total which may be submitted across any, or all, of the three themes. All images must be new to club competitions.

  7. Intermediate category members may submit a maximum of 6 images, of which at least 3 must be new to club competitions.

  8. All submitted prints must have a completed WEBCC Annual Competition label fixed to the rear, top, left hand side.

  9. The selection and judging process will be in two stages and will take place over two club evenings.

How the entries will be judged

    Round 1 on 27 April 2017:

  • The three judges will award a score in the range 1-10 for each image, giving  a range of scores for each image from 3 to 30

  • No comments will be made at this stage of marking and selection.

  • The images selected for the final round will be determined after the evening by  selecting the top scoring images from both classes.

  • The selected images will be taken forward to Round 2.

Round 2 on 18 May 2017:

  • All the final selected images for each class will be scored and commented on by the panel of judges.

        Score of 2 – An image of acceptable standard.

        Score of 3 – A good image of club standard.

        Score of 4 – A very worthy image with some merit.

        Score of 5 – A potential winner.

  • The Gold, Silver, Bronze and a number of Highly Commended awards will be selected for each theme.

  • Finally, the overall winner of the Annual Competition will be selected from the winners of the individual themes by the panel of judges.

  • Trophies, medals and Certificates of Merit to be presented at the AGM.