Annual Competition

The Annual Competition will take place on 19th April for PDIs & 26th April for Prints.

Judges for PDIs

  • Micki Aston

  •  Andrew Mills

  • Tim Morland

Judges for Prints

  • Caroline Colgate

  •  Kevin Day

  • Roy Lambeth

Key Dates:

  •  Entry Deadline : 18th March 2018

  • PDI Competition : 19th April 2018

  •  Print Competition : 26th April 2018

General Information

The theme is Open for both PDIs & Prints and there will be no distinction between Advanced & Intermediate.

You may submit up to 3 images in each competition. We are looking for a ceiling of around 80 entries for each competition. Because of this the final number of entries per member will depend on how many members participate and how many images they enter.

Each image must be prioritised (1/2/3) so that lower priority images can be discounted if there are too many entries.

All members can enter. Unlike the Annual Exhibition, which is intended as a showcase for member’s work, this is competition designed to find the season’s best images. Entry should be based on each image being considered as a contender for the awards. Every member may not have 3 strong images for both PDIs & Prints and there is no compulsion to enter 3 images in each.

Each Competition will have a Gold award for the winner. There will also be Silver, Bronze & Highly Commended awards.