Annual Competition 2018 PDIs

This competition was held on 19th April 2018 and judged by a panel comprising Micki Aston, Andrew Mills & Tim Morland .

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Silver Surfer Matt Cattell GOLD AWARD

Gold award Matt Cattell with "Silver Surfer".

This was also Tim Morland's favourite image.

Silver award John Massey with "Quadrant"

This was also Micki Aston's favourite image.

Bronze award Martin Pickles with "The Couple and the Case Study"

This was also Andrew Mill's favourite image.

Highly Commended Graham Breadmore with "Dinners Coming"

Highly Commended Adrian Betteridge with "Breaking Through"

Highly Commended Chris Cullen with "Contemplation"

Highly Commended John Massey "Reflecting"

For more information on the competition the following links are available :-

Google Photos - A gallery of all the images. To find the name/title for each image click on the "i" icon (information) and look at the file name (about half way down).


Notes on Judge's scoring.