Internal Club Competitions

There are four rounds of internal club competitions and each round is held over two evenings – one for Prints and one for PDIs.  Members enter the competitions in one of three categories – Advanced, Intermediate or Unscored.

The dates of the competitions can be found in the Club Programme. Members should refer to the rules and guidelines for Print and PDI entry, as well as to the guidelines on images that are eligible to be entered.

Themes for 2018-19 Internal Competitions:

Print Competitions

The theme for all four rounds is OPEN.

PDI Competitions

Round 1 Nature, which includes :-

- Landscapes & Seascapes.

- Plants.

- Insects, Birds & non domestic Animals.

Round 2 Open

Round 3 Monochrome

Images entered into this category must be either black and white OR coloured in one single tonal range, for example sephia images are permitted. Any subject or style as long as it's monochromatic.

Round 4 People

Individuals or groups of people, either as a portrait or a candid shot. Street Photography where the principal subject matter is people.