Internal Club Competitions

There are four rounds of internal club competitions and each round is held over two evenings – one for Prints and one for PDIs.  Members enter the competitions in one of three categories – Advanced, Intermediate or Unscored.

The dates of the competitions can be found in the Club Programme and members should refer to the rules and guidelines for Print and PDI entry, as well as to the guidelines on images that are eligible to be entered.

Themes for 2016-17 Internal Competitions:

ROUND 1 Print and PDI:  “OPEN”  – images in any style and/or subject matter.

ROUND 2 Print and PDI:  For Advanced & Intermediate “Macro/Close-Up”. For Unscored "Open".

Macro/Close-Up - These are images where the subject you are photographing fills the frame. The subject is usually very small or is a small detail of a larger object. The resultant Photograph is larger than life size. 

ROUND 3 Print and PDI: “OPEN” – images in any style and/or subject matter.

ROUND 4 Print and PDI: “Contrast”. For Unscored "Open".

Contrast - These are Photographs of any kind taken to show unlikeness or differences, which note the opposite natures or purposes.