Group Challenge

The Group Challenge is a team competition, replacing the Summer Challenge, that takes place from the start of the Club Season until April, if we have enough members interested in joining in. The aim is to get members, particularly new or inexperienced members, working together with established Club members on a project and wherever possible to go out together to take their images.
During the Summer recess details of the themes for the Group Challenge will be sent out to all members.
Members wishing to take part are randomly organised into teams of three. The members of the team meet up and choose their theme for their project. In 2017-18 the themes will be: Conflict, Man and Machines (gender neutral), Natural Patterns and Solitude.
Between September and April, they work together to produce a set of three images, one per team member, based on their chosen theme. The images are then evaluated at a club meeting during May 2018.
This is a light-hearted event and does not form part of our Club league so any images members use in this Challenge may be entered for one of the Internal Club Competitions later.

Internal Club Print Competition Rules apply to this competition too, as well as specific Group Challenge Rules.