Summer Challenge

The Summer Challenge is a team competition that takes place during the summer break, provided that we have enough members interested in joining in.  The aim is to get members working together on a project and wherever possible to go out together to take their images.

  • Members wishing to take part are randomly organised into teams of three.  The members of the team meet up and choose a theme for their project.  This could be anything from photographing an event, such as a country fete to images representing an adjective such as ‘Angry’.

  • Over the summer they work together to produce a set of three images, one per team member, based on the chosen theme.  The images are then judged at a club meeting during the Autumn.

  • This is a light-hearted event and does not form part of our Club league so any images members use in this competition may be entered for one of the Internal Club Competitions at a later date.

Internal Club Print Competition Rules apply to this competition too, as well as specific Summer Challenge Rules