External Competition Results

Southern Counties League Results 2018/19

Print League Division 2

We came 1st and will be promoted to League Division 1 for 2019/20..

PDI League Division 3

We came 4th and will remain in Division 3 for 2019/20.

The attached spreadsheet shows all the scores from each round in both Print & PDI league competitions.

Southern Counties Championships 2018/19

This competition was held on 24th March 2019 in Hungerford. Full details of the clubs involved and the scores are available on the SCPF website.

The individual scores for WEBCC are contained in the attached spreadsheet. The scores are out of 15. Three judges scored within a range of 2 - 5.

Joint Photographic Clubs of Reading 2018/19

This was hosted by Wallingford on 28th March 2019. The attached spreadsheet contains all the details about individual scores, as well as the club scores.

Studious - Martin Pickles