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26th November 2020

Astro Photograhy

Speaker - Peter Tickner.

Peter Tickner is a member of the British Astronomical Association and the imaging specialist at Reading Astronomical Society.

He has been imaging the night sky through a wide range of telescopes for twenty years, using everything from DSLRs and webcams to specialist CCD and CMOS cameras.

Past images of his have featured on BBC's Sky at Night programme and as BAA images of the week. Almost all Peter's images have been taken from his back garden in Lower Earley, where he has built his own 'shed' observatory.

Peter's main interest is in imaging the planets, but he also takes close-up images of the Sun and Moon, as well as galaxies, star clusters and nebulae in space.

He will be talking about Astrophotography, covering the following:

1. Differences between equipment used for astrophotography and conventional photography - types of cameras and kit, how used and how they differ, also what can and can't be done with just a DSLR without any specialist kit or modifications.

2. What can be imaged of the night sky with specialist cameras (with some examples from my work illustrating use of different cameras and kit).

3. Specialist astrophotography - planetary imaging and the more technically challenging targets, such as comets (again with some examples of my work).

He will also outline how deep sky and planetary images are processed and give examples of the free software available to amateur astrophotography

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