Mounting a Print

Mounting a print 

Some points to bear in mind.

Some Video Demonstrations.

Logan Mat cutter

What you will need to mount a print

•       Mount boards.

•       Mount cutting equipment.

•       Backing board.

•       Self Adhesive pH7-70 Conservation Mounting Tape.

•       Double-sided self-adhesive tape

•       Sharp Stanley Knife or scalpel.

•        Tape measure or long ruler.

•       A cutting mat.

Mount boards.

Alternative buying choices for your mount board:

Buy full size A1 or A2 mount card to cut to size yourself.

Buy ready cut to 50x40cm size mounts and you cut the aperture to the size you want.

Buy ready to use pre-cut window 50x40cm picture window mounts with a window to fit an A3 image - actual size 280x400mm.

Mount Cutters.

Logan 350-1 Compact Elite Mount Cutting System  around £150 inc. VAT

Other makes are available

Mount Cutter and Mount-board Suppliers.

DIY Framing.

Lion picture framing suppliers.

Paper Spectrum - suppliers of A1, A2 and cut-to-size 50x40 cm. mount board, Ready-to-use Window mounts and photo paper.

Amazon can provide some items at a good price.

Mount board is also available as single sheets at local shops like Hobbycraft in Reading and Jays Printers in Wokingham. 

Printing your image

The size of you image should be the maximum possible that fits the size of paper you are using.

The aspect ratio (shape) of the image should be chosen for the best composition of the elements within the picture.

Always ensure there is some picture area outside your chosen image shape.

Mounting your print

Where to fix your competition label

The label must always be fixed on the back, on the top left hand side.

This is so that when the print is placed on the viewing easel, it is clear which way up it should be.

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