PDI Competition Rules

Rules for PDI competitions

  1. An image entered as a PDI can be used only once in the regular club competitions.
  2. A maximum of two PDIs may be entered, per member, into each PDI competition.
  3. Each PDI in the Advanced & Intermediate categories will be marked out of 10.
  4. PDI entries may be either Monochrome or Colour unless otherwise specified.
  5. PDIs may be any shape but should be no larger than 1600 x 1200 pixels.
  6. Each PDI will be eligible for a club competition only if the image has been uploaded and the title has been registered online by midnight on the Sunday prior to the competition.
  7. The details for the sizing and titling of the image and the upload procedure can be found in the “PDI and Print Upload Procedures” document.
  8. All internal competitions are open to all members, in one of the following categories: Advanced, Intermediate or Unscored.
  9. A competition entry must be based upon an exposure or exposures taken only by the entrant.
  10. Modification of the image within a computer must be the work of the entrant.
  11. Entries must be made available for interclub competitions, if requested.
  12. Entrants should not to submit work if, for any reason, they do not wish it to appear in the public arena or on the Internet.
  13. Members whose entries are chosen to represent the club externally may be asked to re-submit their image with modifications or in a different format.
  14. All images, which are processed from the same original exposure or exposures, are considered to be the same image.
  15. Two images based on the same exposure(s), but digitally manipulated to differ, cannot be entered as different entries.
  16. A competition entry image, including all the sub-exposures used in a composite image, may be used once in the regular season club competitions.
  17. Conformity with the theme for all of the competitions will be taken into account in the judging.