Eligibility of Images for WEBCC Competitions

  1. Each image entered into a competition must be entirely the original work of the entrant. Composite images are permitted provided all component images meet this requirement. The use of any other image or part thereof, including royalty-free and public domain images obtained from any source is not permitted, even if the entrant has copyright.
  2. Images, which are processed from the same original exposure or exposures, are considered to be the same image.
  3. Unless explicitly permitted by a particular competition, an image is not eligible if it has been entered as substantially the same image in any previous WEBCC competition, as a print or slide or projected digital image (PDI), irrespective of the image title.
  4. In matters relating to copyright breaches or plagiarism, WEBCC will apply the guidelines offered by PAGB at the time.
  5. Images are entered into WEBCC competitions on the understanding that the image may be used in external competitions, published in catalogues, displayed in exhibitions, and used in DVD presentations. A low-resolution copy of members’ images will be retained for record purposes and may be displayed on the WEBCC website. In all cases the copyright remains with the photographer and credit will be given.
  6. A member belonging to more than one club may not submit competition images that have been or will be entered for another club’s competitions.

Old Man of Storr - John Massey