Internal Club Competitions

There are four rounds of internal club competitions and each round is held over two evenings – one for Prints and one for PDIs. Members enter the competitions in one of three categories – Advanced, Intermediate or Unscored.

The dates of the competitions can be found in the Club Programme. Members should refer to the rules and guidelines for Print and PDI entry, as well as to the guidelines on images that are eligible to be entered.

Themes for 2019-20 Internal Competitions:

Print Competitions

The theme for all four rounds is OPEN.

PDI Competitions

Round 1 Colour

Round 2 Rough and/or Smooth

Round 3 In the Style of....

Round 4 Inspired by an Album or Song Title

Some Guidance on the PDI Competition Themes for Season 2019-2020

Round 1 - Colour

Life is a stream of colour. Red, blue, yellow, and a billion pigments in between... For this theme we ask you to show us colour-inspired photographs – literally and figuratively. Scenes, details, narratives or moods. Subtle tones or technicolour daydreams.

The colours in your images may be intense and bright, or muted and subtle. You may just use a single vibrant colour. You might want to show colour harmony or colour contrast. The interpretation is up to you, the image just has to shout COLOUR!

Round 2 - Rough and/or Smooth

Produce images that have the visual impression of texture or of contrast. Or make your own interpretation of the theme in a way that will connect with the judge and the audience.

Think of different interpretations of the words “rough and smooth”. For example rough/ smooth water, the texture of a surface, rough living, a smooth operator.

Round 3 - In the style of...

Produce images in the style of a well-known visual artist or of a broader artistic movement or group. The artist could be a photographer, painter or any visual artist. Images should not be a copy of an original composition or art work and should be entirely the work of the individual member. They should not be “a photograph of someone else’s art”.

Members might want to consider experimenting with in-camera effects such as Intentional Camera Movement (ICM) or by using Photoshop or Lightroom tools and techniques.

Members may wish to select a style that is iconic and immediately recognisable as this will have the greatest impact with the judge and audience.

Examples might be:

  • A moody monochrome in the style of Bill Brandt
  • A landscape in the style of Joe Cornish
  • An industrial scene in the style of Michael Kenna
  • A multiple-image composite in the style of Andy Warhol
  • A cartoonish image in the style of Banksy
  • A soft focus and desaturated image in the style of the Impressionist movement

Round 4 - Inspired by an album or song title

Take an album title (i.e. CD, record or collection of songs) or a specific song title and produce an image that has the same title and/or which exhibits the same emotion or feelings.

The intention is not to design an album cover (hence it shouldn’t have captions or be in

square format unless these are what the photographer intends for their image).

For instance:

  • Encore (Eminem) - a shot of a concert or performer
  • On an Island (David Gilmour) - A seascape including an Island
  • Dark Side of the Moon (Pink Floyd) - a night shot including the moon, or an
  • Astrophotograph
  • Life’s Rich Pageant (R.E.M) - a street photo showing some interesting human
  • Behaviour
  • The Pastoral Symphony - a calming landscape
  • Night on a Bare Mountain - a gritty image of a rock formations
  • Handel’s Water Music - a scene with waters river or the sea.

General Note on Themes

The purpose of selecting themes for the PDI competitions is to challenge and exercise the creativity and skill of the members.

The theme titles and the guidance have been selected to act as an inspiration for the photography, but we anticipate that members will bring their own unique vision and style to their images.

Judges will be briefed on the themes before the competitions. No image will be disqualified or in general marked harshly because it doesn’t match the theme but members are encouraged to follow the themes and make their own interpretations.

Images will primarily be judged on their photographic qualities and merits in the normal way.