Internal Club Competitions

There are four rounds of internal club competitions and each round is held over two evenings – one for Prints and one for PDIs. Members enter the competitions in one of three categories – Advanced, Intermediate or Unscored.

The dates of the competitions can be found in the Club Programme. Members should refer to the rules and guidelines for Print and PDI entry, as well as to the guidelines on images that are eligible to be entered.

Themes for 2021-22 Internal Competitions:

Print Competitions

The theme for all four rounds is OPEN.

PDI Competitions

Round 1 Open

Round 2 Local

Round 3 Open

Round 4 This is England

Some Guidance on the PDI Competition Themes for Season 2021-2022

Round 1 - Local

With the virus lockdown we have all had to limit movement to our local area for necessities and exercise but that doesn't mean we can't find photographic opportunities on our doorstep. Show us your images taken within 5 miles of where you live.

Round 4 - This is England

Just close your eyes and think of England. What does it mean to you ? What other country could possibly have come up with place names like Tooting Bec and Farleigh Wallop, have given us William Shakespeare, pork pies, Gardeners' Question Time and the chocolate digestive biscuit? None, of course. Here are some photographers who have tackled this theme.

"We English", "Merrie Albion" - Simon Roberts, "The Last Resort" - Martin Parr, "England, My England" - Chris Steel-Perkins.

General Note on Themes

The purpose of selecting themes for the PDI competitions is to challenge and exercise the creativity and skill of the members.

The theme titles and the guidance have been selected to act as an inspiration for the photography, but we anticipate that members will bring their own unique vision and style to their images.

Judges will be briefed on the themes before the competitions. No image will be disqualified or in general marked harshly because it doesn’t match the theme but members are encouraged to follow the themes and make their own interpretations.

Images will primarily be judged on their photographic qualities and merits in the normal way.