Group Challenge Rules

Print Production, Presentation and Marking

Whilst advice and discussion within the team is positively encouraged, each team member’s photograph and any subsequent editing, using photographic editing and manipulating software, must be solely the work of the author.


  1. The prints are judged as a panel and will be marked out of 20.
  2. Each group of three prints should have the group’s theme printed on a card measuring no more than 7cm x 21cm. This card will be placed in front of the team’s three prints to aid the judge.
  3. Authors’ names should be on the back of the prints, in the normal way, as stated in the WEBCC Competition Rules for prints. The Print Labels should indicate the position of the print in the group i.e. Left, Centre or Right.
  4. The prints can be any size and must be mounted on suitable card no larger than 40cm x 50cm. They can be printed by any person or a commercial printing company. i.e. another member of the Group Challenge team or by any other method.
  5. If for any reason a member of a team has to drop out, the team may recruit a replacement member of the team.
  6. If a replacement team member is not available, the remaining team members can continue to produce and show their prints for a constructive appreciation by the judge and be given a score, but of course, they cannot be the winning team.

Further use of Group Challenge Photographs

The Group Challenge is a team activity and does not form part of regular competitions. For this reason it is acceptable for a member to use their Group Challenge entry once in any of the club’s other regular competitions, subject to all the usual regular competition rules.

Three Go Rain Watching - Chris Hayes