Three Print Challenge

Mike Holderness - joint winner of the 2018/19 competition, with "Easter in Sicily".


    1. The entry requires three mounted Prints of any size, related to a single theme chosen by the author.
    2. The prints are to be mounted on three separate mount boards.
    3. The entries must comply with the ‘WEBCC Print Competition Rules’.
    4. The prints should be numbered (1, 2 and 3) on the rear label to specify the order in which they should be placed on the easel. (1=LHS, 2=Centre, 3=RHS)
    5. The theme title should be on a separate piece of card no larger than 21x7 cm. for this competition. Individual prints can be titled at the author’s discretion.
    6. The appropriateness of the photographs to the theme and the overall presentation any layout will be taken into account
    7. Marks will be awarded out of 20 for the entire panel.